Saturday, December 27, 2008


Dear GOD,

I pray that everyone has a good and prosperous new year. I pray for our nation,our president and our economy. I pray things will take a turn for the better. I pray builders will start building again. I pray the housing industry gets stronger and people will be able to keep their homes. I pray for the small business's. I pray everyone can keep their jobs. I pray religion stays strong and works its way back into the schools. I pray children will listen and obey their parents. I pray parents will be parents and not be afraid of their children. I pray people will not worry about being politically correct. I pray all people will know where they came from and know where they are going, and know who to find along the way. I pray for peace. I pray for love and happiness. I pray for good health. I pray for everyone this New Year. A-men


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Oh Faith what a sweet prayer. I do know that God hears our prayers, and I do believe in the power of prayer. Happy New Year my friend. Hugs***Renea

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Faith,
Thank you for sharing that lovely prayer. May it be a Happy New Year for us all!

Barb said...

That's a beautiful prayer.
Thank you for sharing.
Blesings in 2009.

Barbara Jean